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2015 Behind, 2016 Starts Now

Let’s just start by saying 2015 was a heck of a year. There was a LOT going on in the McDiesel household! So much so that I ended up having to take an entire year away from gardening to tackle all the changes. But now, as I start to prepare for February and the early planting months this year, hopefully 2016 is the year we can return to the earth! I guess I should start by walking through 2015, so y’all might know where I’m coming from and why we’ve been gone so long! Read on for the details.

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And We’re Back!

Oh Laudy y’all! After some site maintenance over the past few days I can now say we are back up and running. There’s been some improvements to the layout and I’m still working on the overall site design and some of the menus, but for the most part everything is still the same. I’m excited to announce that there’s even more on the way, including an expanded DIY section and some other useful tools. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

We’ve Been Nominated!

LiebsterBig thanks to our dear friend Leah Baker and her blog That Mama Jama for the Liebster Award nomination! What a great honor and I’m happy to just be nominated. Also, to all my readers, if you haven’t checked out TMJ yet you definitely should. It’s absolutely fantastic.

So if I understand this correctly, I’m supposed to answer a list of questions provided by Ms. Leah and then provide a list of questions to several of my favorite blogs for them to answer. A sort-of “pay it forward” deal. Time to do it big. Read on for the details.

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Diary Entry – August 4, 2014

Notes and Thoughts

Braden with his Aunt Kelly.

Braden with his Aunt Kelly.

Greetings all! It’s been awhile since the last blog post. We’ve had some amazing adventures in that time: Kelly’s birthday, ziplining in Asheville, biking at the Biltmore estate, and most importantly the birth of my nephew Braden! That little dude is absolutely precious. I’m not usually one to get all mushy-mushy, but I love that kid. I know he’s got a great mom and dad in Kristen and my brother Jon. The kid is going to be a trooper! I’ll do a quick recap of our trips below, but you should check out Kelly’s blog,, for all the details. Keep on truckin’ if you want to read more.

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